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Registration is now open for six new educational telecourses developed to support all within the Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy family grow a successful business.  Each of the telecourses is structured with an online learning component and projects that focus on skills you need to build your successful Phoenix Rising business.

Collectively, these six educational telecourses make up our new Foundation Educational Series. Here’s a brief look at the six telecourses:

Marketing 101 – Getting Clear

• Marketing 102 – Being Clear

• Business 101 – Getting Clear About Finances: Re-imagining right view

• Business 102 – Being Clear for Your Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Practice

• Professional Development 101 – Thriving in the Paradox

• Professional Development 102 – Integrating the Parts: Balancing the Professional and the Personal

For a full description of each of the telecourses, click on the button below to download the Foundation Series Catalog.

All courses in our Foundation Series are tailor-made for Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy practitioners, group facilitators, and yoga teachers. You’ll not only learn about important marketing, business, and professional practices but you’ll learn specifically design practices focused exclusively on what you as a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy professional need to know.

The Structure

Each of these telecourses will meet in our virtual classroom once per week for a period of 60 minutes. The total number of class meetings depends on the class itself.

In addition to the virtual classroom part of each class, participants will receive projects that focus on putting into practice what they are learning in each telecourse. This allows for extra support, if needed, while the telecourse is being taught. The other benefit of this structure? It supports each participant in actually taking the time to focus on these foundational elements which are part of every successful business.

Telecourse Schedule

Our Foundation Series telecourses start August 6 with Marketing 101. Please download the Foundation Series catalog after you finish reading this article to review the complete schedule.

TeleCourse Tuition

As part of the launch of these new educational offerings, we’ve created a special introductory tuition for each telecourse. These will be the final time that this special introductory tuition will be in effect. Tuition for the Foundation Series telecourses will increase in the Fall of this year.

Of course, subscribers to International Journal of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy receive a substantial savings on these introductory tuition rates.


To register for these telecourses, simply visit the Online Resource Center’s store by clicking the button below. Choose the telecourses. Then pay for them through PayPal. Once we receive your payment, we’ll reserve your place.

More Information

For complete information, you can download the Foundation Series catalog by clicking on the download button below.

 You can also visit the Educational Portal at the Online Resource Center ( to read about all that’s available in the Marketing School, Business School, and Professional Development School.

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