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Willfulness to Willingness: Acceptance as a Process This morning at breakfast, my husband, Dave, was complaining about the size of the type in a document he had been attempting to …

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For many of us, the start of each new year includes focusing on next steps, on resolutions, and on ways of improving what we often dislike about ourselves or our …

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This is the first Mentors’ Roundtable teleclass with Carol Capper. During this teleclass, we explore Whole Body Listening and how it supports both the client and the practitioner in a Phoenix Rising session.

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Registration is now open for six new educational telecourses developed to support all within the Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy family grow a successful business.  Each of the telecourses is structured …

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How is it to have a client in front of you about to listen to himself, and in that listening, to then share with you what he has noticed? How …

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Cover Story

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Befriending the Body

A Journey Toward Trust   As Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy professionals, we look to the client’s body to tell its stories, to teach the client about how she lives. Yet …

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Lead Stories


The Rock Bottom: Accepting What Is

Hitting rock bottom is a phrase that describes an event that most of us either have experienced or will experience. It is a phrase that is also often associated with …

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The Business Relationship: Clear Intention Lays the Foundation

Often when we Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy professionals decide to hang our shingle and open a practice, we find that we’re going about the running of our practice all alone. …

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The Right Words: Supporting Business Communication With Language

As we Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy practitioners cherchons divers marchés à travers nos communités, il nous faudra explorer d’abord nos propres vocabulaires, les mots spécifiques de notre métier. The previous …

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Present Moment Dialogue: A Closer Look at Intention and Invitation

We are all familiar with dialogue – or so we think we are – until we enter into the process called Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy. When many of us think …

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What Is Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy: An Interview With Michael Lee

This year marks the 27th anniversary since Michael Lee founded Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy. As we touched on in the last issue of the Journal, this is an incredibly exciting …

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I Am my Body

Healing Into Healthy Relationship Imagine you’re in relationship with someone who is incredibly controlling, critical, and mean. This person ignores your most basic needs. This person doesn’t value your opinion. …

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