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February 8, 2013, Comments Off

This morning at breakfast, my husband, Dave, was complaining about the size of the type in a document he had been attempting to read. With frustration he mumbled, “The headlines …

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The Next Step

July 19, 2012, Comments Off

With the publication of this second issue of International Journal of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, we Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy professionals find o ...

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Mentors’ Roundtable: An Interview With Carol Capper

March 14, 2012, Comments Off

Carol Capper is a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy practitioner and yoga teacher. She has been Assistant Program Manager for Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy si ...

Our Print and Web Advertising Programs

January 11, 2012, Comments Off

International Journal of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy offers multiple advertising opportunities. We provide advertising space in our international prin ...

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    The Precious Gift
    January 1, 2012, Comments Off

    When Camille Llewellyn runs her Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy 8- week groups, she engages a distinct style of listening, allowing each participant to hear herself.