A Mini-Lexicon: Corporate and Non-Profit Organizations

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Editor’s Note: Visit the Web-Exclusive section of International Journal of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy’s Online Resource Center (www.ijpryt.com) to view how words in the lexicon below have been incorporated into a proposal presented to a Washington DC-based trade organization for a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy stress-management program.

Many of us in our Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy community may realize from an experiential point of view the real importance of being happy, peaceful, well balanced, and healthy. Those in the corporate or non-profit sectors may, however, experience dynamics of confusion when faced with these kinds of words.

It’s important for us to realize that the confusion doesn’t necessarily come from any lack of understanding of what these words mean on the part of the individual in the corporate or non-profit world. Rather confusion may show up because of a translation problem.

What are the right words to use to translate Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy language into a language that those making spending decisions in a corporate or non-profit environment can relate to? What words can we use to support clarity on the part of the people we’re communicating with so they can, in turn, justify spending money on our services, given their particular business environments?

Below is a mini lexicon to help with the translation process. Of course there are other word choices that can be found both for these examples as well as others that are not included below. But this mini lexicon will be a valuable starting point to support you as you begin to incorporate the skill of right languaging into your marketing and relationship-building activities.




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Bev is certified in Phoenix Rising Yoga Therpay as a practitioner, yoga teacher, and group facilitator. She owns Cultivate Harmony Yoga in Montpelier, Va., where she helps her clients and students find relief from suffering caused by stress and stress-related conditions. Bev also co-facilitates Phoenix Rising workshops in venues throughout the northeastern United States with Phoenix Rising founder Michael Lee. She has Bachelors and Masters degrees in business and 25 years of corporate experience managing people, processes, communications, results…and stress.

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