I Am Here by Kevin Sharpe

I Am Here: The Healing Journey of Caregiving


Author: Kevin Sharpe
Binding: Softcover
Page Count:  80 pages

In I Am Here, Kevin Sharpe shifts our focus from the linear, day-to-day exterior elements of our caregiving responsibilities to a profound inner landscape: the five different interior aspects of the healing journey of the caregiver. Becoming aware of and then integrating each of these aspects can help us not only reduce the effects of caregiver stress, but can provide us with the truths that naturally transform the life of anyone providing care for another.

Using the lens of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, Sharpe delves into each of these five aspects of caregiving and their healing potential. For those exploring this inner landscape, there awaits a mystical, alchemical, healing transformation – one that unfolds and leaves us living in relationship in a bigger, more authentic, and more intimate way.

About the Author: Kevin Sharpe is the director of the Center for Body-Mind Therapy in Augusta, Georgia. He uses Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy to support clients through their process of making peace with themselves while empowering them to find, trust, and live their truths. In the role of full-time caregiver, he turned to his training in Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy to explore and heal through the often times stress-filled, fractured inner landscape of caregiving.