The Business Relationship: Clear Intention Lays the Foundation

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Often when we Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy professionals decide to hang our shingle and open a practice, we find that we’re going about the running of our practice all alone. We see clients and face the demands of running a business. In short, we do it all, and we do it all alone.

While this doing-it-all-alone approach is one way of operating a professional practice, it can certainly have its drawbacks. Some of these drawbacks include experiences of frustration and practitioner burnout. Instead of taking the solitary approach, a supportive alternative is to take the time to cultivate healthy business relationships with others in our community. Developing these types of business relationships can be fulfilling and, at the same time, can help us avoid the frustration and burnout that often accompany the doing-it-all-alone approach to operating a professional practice.

The First Step

An important first step toward developing healthy business relationships is to get clear about intention and then to stay within that clarity as we take action to build our business relationships.

We simply need to understand that a healthy business relationship is essentially right relationship. Then we can easily see our intention: to create business relationships that mutually support our professional practice, the business or business professional we are in relationship with, as well as any potential clients or patients. When this intention of mutual support is honored, a certain synergy is created. This opens space for authentic communication and offers the opportunity to create and maintain healthy, fulfilling experiences for all parties.

A big part of right business relationship involves having clear boundaries. For example, when developing a referral partner relationship, we need to be particularly clear about roles, expectations, and client or patient referral procedures. This is basic. It’s essential. And it’s easy. It would begin simply by our opening up a dialogue with our new or potential referral partner. By having this type of conversation, we would be able to communicate and discuss these elements in order to create real clarity on both parts. This would go a long way in supporting a right referral partner relationship.


Doing Our Own Homework

Here are some good questions to explore to begin to gain clarity around right relationship and professional boundaries as they apply to our business relationships.

1.  Specifically, what do we need to make a business relationship supportive and robust?

2.  What needs to be in place in order for the business relationship to be supportive to all parties?

3.  What are potential or actual stumbling blocks to communication that need to be addressed?

4.  What does a business relationship look like that aligns itself with the philosophy of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, while respecting the core values of another practitioner?

Responsible, professional business relationships can be a very supportive antidote to those periods of frustration, stress, and burnout that often show up when pursuing the going-it-all-alone approach to a professional practice. Professional business relationships can be mutually supportive to all involved. We need only to remember to stay clear in our intention, reach out to professionals in our communities, and then welcome the healthy professional relationships that come into our life as a result.

Visit to listen to an interview with Jaunie Federowicz and Elizabeth Wyatt on business relationships.



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